Petrichor Press will release a new hardback edition of SCALES: Book 1 of the Fate and Fire Series by Amity Green at DragonCon, August 30 – September 4 2018, in Atlanta Georgia. The ebook is now available for pre-order on A release of PHANTOM LIMB ITCH, book two in the series, is slated for Halloween, 2018. Please email the bookworms at to request a copy for review. Get the latest News from the Writing Cave and sign up for the Amity Green readers group at   Click HERE to pre-order your copy!

I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all the people who pledged for the Kickstarter to fund the hardback edition of SCALES. While it didn’t fully fund, it was amazing fun to post about the book and to connect with readers who want the hardback. We had to scramble to find another way to create the hardback. ANDDDD we did it! We’re proud to announce the the hardback edition of SCALES: Book One of the Fate and Fire Series will be set live on August 30,2018, the first day of DragonCon!  There’s a lot that went into this. First, the ebook will be re-released with an updated interior. Secondly, the trade paperback will be set live with an updated wrap cover and interior. And last but best of all, we will have a gorgeous hardcover edition. We’ll debut the new edition at the Bard’s Tower booth on

Happy Monday! I am so thankful for the pledges we’ve received for the Kickstarter project! Making this hardback is going to be a stellar experience.   We’ve added the first of many stretch goals to the story page! If we reach the next goal of $4000, we’ll create the SCALES audiobook. Woohoo! Selecting the perfect audiobook narrator to read SCALES will be a lot of fun. We’ll be looking for a tenacious, badass type young lady to read as Tessa.   For this update, I wanted to share something special. Each of the books in Tessa’s series start with a short prologue, written from Tessa’s thoughts. Below is the first page of SCALES. Change is Fate’s little sister. Fate and I shared a long, hateful history, where Change and I were virtual strangers. Change can make you or break you, just like Fate. I’ve let them do both. The trick

We’ve adopted the hashtag! I’ve always felt there was a lack of female superheroes. SCALES is book one in a series of three books where a new female superhero comes to life (despite a very rough start!). So, being the writer that I am, I created one. How does Tessa, an orphan from Austin, Texas, cope with being transformed into a living, breathing gargoyle? By rolling with change, learning to control new abilities, and using super powers to help the less-fortunate and vanquish evil. A sickly childhood under the care of a rotten gaggle of nuns is all Tessa knows, until studying in London confirms the gut feeling that there is more to her beneath the skin, and ultimately, beneath the scales. A Celtic demigoddess has fused her existence with Tessa, and much to Fate’s delight, mayhem ensues as Tessa struggles to embrace her new existence as a gargoyle with

Only eleven days until the launch of the #Kickstarter for the SCALES hardback edition. I am so flippin’ excited! It’s going to be a gorgeous book. <3 Click HERE to add your email address to get updates sent to your inbox. (=  

The Myths and Legends Fantasy Storybundle Dragons! Swords! Magic and wizards! This new storybundle that’s packed with all the legendary wonder you’ve come to expect from your favorite fantasy novels. These thirteen books cover a range of classic fantasy types, from epic quests, to modern retellings of classic myths, to humorous encounters with Little Folk, to lit-RPG adventures, to sea monsters, ancient curses, and saving the world. These authors include Cat Rambo, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Jody Lynn Nye, M.L. Buchman, J.T. Evans, Christopher Katava, Stefon Mears, Alex Singer, Meyari McFarland, J.D. Brink, and Linda Nagata, and there’s also the Undercurrentsanthology edited by Lisa Mangum, stories of “what lies beneath” (proceeds from this anthology benefit the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Superstars Writing Seminar). If you’re not familiar with how Storybundle works, you name your own price and get the whole batch instantly delivered to your e-reader. For

I’m happy to announce that we will be creating a hardback version of SCALES: Book 1 of the Fate and Fire Series! I am so excited about this! I’ve wanted a hardback of my first book since I was a kid. I’ll post updates as we get closer to launch. We’re doing a Kickstarter for the project.

I’ve wanted to go to Phoenix Comic Fest for a few years and I finally get to go! This con happens over Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll be at Bard’s Tower in booth #1568, selling books. Come by and say hi!

I love backing creative projects on Kickstarter and so when I saw they were bringing back (or attempting) to bring back Amazing Stories, I backed it, pronto. Amazing Stories is a Science Fiction publication that goes way back. I love that it will be around a while longer. HERE is a link to the campaign on Kickstarter. HERE is a link to their website. You can sign up for free. Yay! Chalk one up for the creators at Amazing Stories! I can’t wait to receive my publications starting in August. Amazing Stories is an institution. It is an icon of the field. Over the years it has represented both the best and the worst that this genre has to offer. It has inspired the careers of authors, artists, editors, academics, scientists and engineers. Its presence proved that there was a viable market for this kind of literature, a fact not lost