“Next Stop- A Workshop With David Farland”

I have the pleasure of working with David Farland when he teaches at Superstars Writing Seminar. He’s an amazing instructor. Note- I am on staff at Superstars, not faculty. I hope to be teaching about writing someday, but I do not do it yet. (Yet!)

I will be attending David’s class on Writing Enchanting Prose. This will be my first one. I have a friend who has attended several and she convinced me to go to one with her. So, off we go to Dallas to meet David and eight other students in March. I’m really excited to go.

I hear David’s workshops are not quite like taking a vacation. Writing well is very rewarding, but tough. Writing, editing, revising, rewriting, and making changes per your editor can be a challenge. And then there’s publishing, but I won’t get started there. David’s class is apparently a good challenge with the opportunity to produce work during the class for peer and instructor feedback. I love that type of workshopping. I’ll be sure and post about how it goes in mid March.

HERE’S a link to David Farland’s Story Doctor page. There’s a great news interview video there.


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