Press Kit

“Amity Green’s novels will hold you spellbound from the first page to the last. Wise and witty, Amity proves that she is a talent to watch!”  David Farland, New York Times Bestselling Author


Amity Green writes urban fantasy, horror, and superhero fiction. Her writing tends to be dark with tangible, relatable characters that her readers fall in love with. In her short fiction, Amity is able to inject humor while involving sensitive social issues in her stories.

Green’s debut novel, SCALES, is about an orphan from Austin, Texas, who goes to London to study and is kidnapped and changed into a living, breathing gargoyle. Amity she loved writing her lead character so much, she chose to create a series and has titled it “The Fate and Fire Series.” She’s written three other books in the series and is looking forward to the re-release of SCALES in early 2018, followed by three other novels. She is currently writing the fourth book and has outlined a fifth.






Amity finished her second novel, THE WITCHER CHIME, in 2016 and it was published by Petrichor Press in July of 2017. The story is about a teenager growing up in the eighties who discovers her family has been haunted by a demon for decades and is pulled into the horror along with her younger sister. The story has a family saga feel to it, slightly resembling that of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witch books. A second novel is in the works following THE WITCHER CHIME, tentatively titled “VICTORIA.”


Many of Amity Green’s short story publications can be found in fantasy and horror anthologies since 2011. Her debut novel was once a short story the was converted into a novel. She has plans to expand her short story, Mimi, which will be her second novel-length book in the horror genre.




Amity Green is an award-winning essayist and author of urban fantasy books and horror stories. Amity has enjoyed professions as a truck driver, bar tender, and raft guide, and now works as assistant to Kevin J. Anderson. Her debut novel, SCALES, was first published in 2013. Many of her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and continue to appear in new publications. A Colorado native, Amity resides in Manitou Springs, where she continues to produce works of urban fantasy, and enjoys renovating her historical Victorian home. Amity is a proud member of the Horror Writers Association and keeps steady attendance at local writer’s groups. She spends time hiking, gardening, and trying to quit wasting time on social media. A lover of animals, Amity is an advocate against animal abuse and assists with lost pets in her community.








A Sampling of Book Reviews


“Green takes the old ideas about ghost stories and throws them out the window. This one knocked me for a loop and had me cringing. It’s emotionally traumatic, but handled delicately enough to keep me transfixed till the end. True horror hits you on multiple levels, and The Witcher Chime did that for me.”

“”The writing in this book was incredible. It was detailed and the flow was incredible. I really loved it. I would definitely read more of this author’s books just for the writing.”

“The Witcher Chime puts an original twist on horror, re-inventing Biblical terrors in a way that’s refreshing and suspenseful. The author uses a mix of psychological horror, wince-inducing physical horror, and suspense to keep you reading and on the edge of your seat.”


Reviews of SCALES

“I felt that this was an excellent first book, it had interesting characters and a well developed world. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope the writer writes more about this world.”

“The main draw for me with Scales was the protagonist, Tessa. She has a strong personal well of strength which is evident in everything she does. In a first person style book the person talking has to be sympathetic, enjoyed, and admired by the person reading it. The entire book rests on them. Tessa does not fail this test in any way. I liked her from the first page, and I never stopped.”

“I don’t normally read this type of genre. That being said, I LOVED this book. The characters are captivating and keep you wondering what is next. The twists and turns of the story are very involved, and I couldn’t put it down. Tessa was a wonderful main character.”

“This book just arrived today and I have already read almost half , I can’t seem to put it down. A great read right from the first page! I hope to find more from Amity Green.”

“A good book that keeps you wanting to read more. If you like a good urban fantasy I would suggest this one.”