What We’re Up To…

It’s a lot, really.

To start, I want to point out that if you would like to join my readers group there’s a free short story in it for you. Just subscribe on the right here and a story will magically arrive in your inbox. There will be some contests coming up shortly so please stay tuned.

Next, Petrichor Press will publish the Fate and Fire Series starting with SCALES. I can’t wait to see the first book back in print. And there are two more books in the series that are complete and in final edits. After SCALES will come PHANTOM LIMB ITCH, and then SOUL COUNT.

I am so happy with the way the three books came out. I had originally planned to write a trilogy and call it good, but I fell in love with Tessa, my lead character. I now find it impossible to stop writing her. Book four in the Fate and Fire Series is titled BYX. I’m thrilled to be writing another book and extending the series.

I have some wonderful people working with me here. That blessing has enabled me to push on with the project. I am grateful to the point I lack words to convey my gratitude. I suppose, though, that is what acknowledgements are for. I am truly blessed.

We will be making announcements here soon. I encourage you to join the readers group. That way you won’t miss any updates.

Thanks for reading!